Just got an email from a buddy with this picture in it and wanted to share it with you all.

From the looks of it this is one of the biggest Mahi Mahi Dorado, Dolphin fish I’ve seen and makes me look forward to the coming Season for them at home.  Big ones like this are still surpisingly young fish as Dolphin can grow as much as 20+ lbs in one year.  One this size is still probably less than ten years old. 

I have seen a few other monsters caught in the Florida Keys a friend caught one that was in the 70+lb range, Panama I know there are some giant ones and I have heard claims even from Spearo’s that say they have gotten them over 80 lbs!!    There was another story rolling around on the internet a few years ago about a 100 lb Dolphin caught by a tug boat off the coast of Florida but once again it wasn’t weighed and it just continues to fuel rumors about the biggest one ever caught…  I can easily call BS on this one as it is about the same size as ones I have seen put on the boat and reckon its in the 60+ lb range.  Either way it is a great fish and I’m stoked for these guys but as fisherman and Spearfisherman unless you are a commercial fisherman who’s livelihood depends on the exact weight of fish day in and day out and you are dead accurate guessing weights I want to see it on an official scale! I have been guilty of this many times and way way way off on some of my claims of sizes of fish so having a Certified Scale has take some of the BS out of my claims:)

Tug caught Dolphin claimed to be 100lbs? Hmmmm

A 100lb Dophin would be damn near 7 1/2 ft long if not bigger.  That is a big damn fish!  The head on a 65 lb one is as broad as your shoulders!

Here is another one from Mexico that was weighed:

90 lb Mexican Dolphin World Record?


A buddy of mine Bill Delabar caught what we could start claiming as a World Record Dolphin had it not been for him actually weighing it.  If you are looking to dive in Central America Bill is the best kept secret there.  He grew up in Panama and has a charter operation there that is better and more knowledgeable than anyone south of Mexico.  He as speared more 100+lb Tunas and 80+ lb Wahoo than anyone I know of down there and knows where and when to fish and has good boats.  He is a world class diver and a great guy. He will set you up to experience the best Central America has to offer, send him an email bdelabar@yahoo.com  or www.panamafishingcharters.net  Check this one out:

Bill Delabar with Monster Dolphin in the Gulf of Mexico

AS the water gets warmer and the bait shows up in force the Dolphin will follow.   I caught a 25 lb one yesterday and I can only dream for now of the chance to get a 80 or even 100lb one down the line.    As one of the easiest Pelagic fish to shoot they are a blessing for us bluewater Hunters.   I can’t wait to get home and get on it! 

If these pictures of World Record Mahi Mahi, Dolphin, Dorado or whatever you want to call them hasn’t done enough to get you fired up to go hunt them, check out some of our past dives in the video section.

Lastly is the current spearfishing world record for Dolphin also taken in Mexico

Spearfishing World Record for Dolphin Dorado Mahi Mahi


So what do you think of the sizes of each of these fish if you had to guess for #’s one through  five above?


15 Responses to “Dolphin/Mahi Mahi Possible World Record?”

  1. 90, 50, 55, 60, 70.1. All guesses, but I know the last one is right. That first one is an absolute monster. The biggest I’ve ever seen. There is no way that one that was weighed in Mexico is 90 lbs. What do you think?

  2. Brian Balbin says:

    id say…
    1 81lbs
    2 71lbs
    3 70lbs
    4 73lbs
    5 70lbs

  3. Eric Friedrichsen says:

    I know the Mcgonagle (sp?) fish was right at or around 70 lbs. The fish at the top of the page has got to be about 90. I call BULLSHIT on the “Mexico” fish supposedly weighed and chalked at 90 lbs – BULLSHIT – no F-ing way. Compare it to the McGonagle fish at 70 #.

    SO, from top to bottom:

    F-ing liar troll, maybe 73

  4. Mark DeHaan says:

    Isn’t that Dennis Braid in the top pic? I know he often doesn’t care about records, but if it was him here, surely he must have weighed it.

  5. third fish is no way in hell 90lbs, mabey the 9 is upside down. still a far cry at 60. have caught many 40-50lb fish & all looked bigger than that one!!!!!

  6. Yep that is Dennis Braid and the fish was exactly… Not weighed. So once again we have a fishing story. It is all in the way you take the picture I guess. Rumor has it he took some measurements of the head of the fish in the top photo which was some there in the vicinity of 18+inches high. Next time I see a big one I’m going to swim him down and put the measuring tape to him before I pull the trigger, I’d hate to land a smaller one than any of these guys…:)
    All are fish to be proud of.

  7. Key West Kris says:

    Got a pic of a 69 pound, and 69 inches dolphin caught in marathon Fl… Sure wish I could show you… It’s in my phone and I can’t figure out how to post it on here

  8. I know this is a spearfishing site but.in the 90s i caught a Mahi Mahi twice the size of the potential world record.Then after i released it i hooked up with it twin or swimming buddy.All on 90 pound line.Believe it or not the story is verifyable with Capt Steven of the Thunderbird out of S.Padre Island.Hes a third or fourth generation charter boat captain who said”hes never seen one half the size of the two brought up that day red snapper fishing.

  9. Wheres the photo!?!? Lets see that monster!


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