World Record White SeaBass on 20 lb line

As everyone that hunts White Seabass already knows, the big girls show up first and this year it looks like its no different. Each year the fish have been getting bigger and despite some complaints at the strict regulations and MPA’s over the past couple years it has been great for the fishery and the size of the fish reflect that.
This stud was 76.4 lbs which is a benchmark fish and I’m hoping in the coming months that I’ll see some Spearo’s with fish of similar size or bigger. Judging by Ernst current WR and reports that divers have seen some in the 90-100# class in recent years… the record will be broken again soon.
Most of you will dismiss this because it is fishing but you need to read between the lines here and become a better spearfisherman by noticing the key decision these guys made that let to catching the fish of a lifetime.
Think outside the box, the plan can always change.
It never hurts to investigate activity that you see on the surface and can lead to some of the best diving of your life. Always be flexible in your plans and be ready for anything.
Have any of you found big White SeaBass in open water before on bait schools?

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  1. John Hartley says:

    I have caught White Seabass on bait balls being attacked by Barracuda and Mackerel. I through in a Mackerel pattern jig and it hit immediately. I have also caught them trolling Mackerel pattern tuna clones through a school of Mackerel that were being chased to the surface. In both cases I was about a mile north of Dana Point harbor. Other than that I have caught them on reefs and on the flats fishing for Sand Bass. They like large baits fished about a foot off the bottom.

  2. That record has been beaten as of this sunday june 18. A local fishing boat captain known as Beto caught a 85 pounder along with 70 60 and 50 pounders.

  3. He caught it in Ensenada.

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