Stew has been lucky enough to be one of Roy’s best friends and dive buddies for the past few years.

You can learn something from every diver you encounter in life but as Stew describes Roy’s 6th sense for fish and his unexplainable magnetism that draws them to him, you are reminded that some people just have it.

Roy Ogi:  Fish Magnet

“Roy has been so generous with sharing his gift of the sea. In most likelihood, just about every person that has ever had the privilege of knowing Roy or spending time with him in the water would have some sort of exceptional memory about him. He is one of those rare people in life who you seldom meet and treasure to know- his demeanor quiet and humble yet his presence attracting and vibrant.  Roy is such and unassuming character that you would never know he is such and incredible spear fisherman. I can sit there for hours absorbing  his diving stories like fables of the fishing gods- places and experiences that seem out of reach for most mortals and a understanding of the under water universe that few seldom touch or have the privilege of experiencing for themselves. Roy has enabled many of us to have had a chance to touch this special place- our guide into its unknown realms.  In the water he seems to have a sixth sense- I swear his anatomy has developed a lateral line, somehow feeling out the fish with his extraordinary perception. His friend’s often joke about Roy being “a living fish finder”. He fancies himself in that respect- experimentation being the key- often sharing with us his many secrets that he’s developed through trial and error over the many years.  He often suggests that to spear exceptional fish, “attraction is the game”- “get the fish to come to you” – which he has mastered beyond belief. On many occasions I have literally observed fish gathering around Roy like he is some sort of magnet or the pied piper. I suppose he can speak fish or telepathically connect with them, but for some unknown reason they love to get close to him.  All of Roy’s close friend’s know how lucky it is to follow Roy around in the water which automatically increases your chances of making your dream catch, whatever that might be?”    Stew

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