words from Yota:  (Roy’s brother)

Roy and i used to bow hunt wild boar in Java. Our family moved to Bali. there was no boar in Bali, no place to hunt here we thought. We went fishing off the beach one day and saw a few local spearfisherman bringing in some small fish. It looked like a good hobby. So we decided to make a gun together. The first gun we made was very ugly. The rubber was made from a motorbike tire tube and we made the shaft from bamboo. We did not shoot fish the first time we tried this cause the shaft floated. So we decided to change the shaft with steel rod from a building site. Then we started getting some small fish but could only dive 3 meters because we did not know how to equalise. When we met Andre for the first time he showed us how to equalise. We then got to dive to 10 meters. After that we got together with Andre and made a gun, good model with stainless steel shaft, original rubbers. Then our passion was aimed at big fish!

In the beginning, 18 years ago, we only had one pair of fins. I used one and Roy used one. We only had 1 gun between us, and the float was a 1.5 litre aqua bottle. The first time we went outside the reef in 5 meters of water. A 30-40kg GT came very close to us. I gave the gun to Roy and said “you shoot bro”. then Roy quickly handed the gun back to me and replied “no you shoot it bro!”. We were scared to shoot this big fish and lose our gun!

this is how they got started into diving and making guns together.
some photos of their first 3 handmade guns. the white gun was their 3rd gun they made, Roy was shooting 22kg spanish mackerel on it.

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