Sometimes it is only when someone is already gone that you can full appreciate what they’ve added to your life.  Roy lived life to its fullest and made sure those around him enjoyed theirs as well.

He enjoyed eating his catch “Caveman style” on the beach with a little fire and throwing the fish right on the coals. A trick that I think I’m going to have to try at some point in the coming years…

When I do get the chance, it will be in memory of Roy Ogi. This year he disappeared at one of the most dangerous dive spots in the world.  This weeks stories are a tribute to an incredible diver, friend, brother and husband.

I hope that through these stories and pictures you have come to know Roy as Yota, Stew, Phil, his wife know him.

In a few days those closest to him who were there on the day of his final descent will share the hardest story of their lives where one of our own doesn’t make it back.

Out of respect for Roy’s family,  Roy is still missing. The Balinese always trust in God and life and the chance that Roy is somewhere safe waiting to come home.

We can hope that where ever he is, he has a little fire on the beach going and is surrounded by friends, laughing about great diving days and eating “Caveman style” enjoying every minute of it.

3 Responses to “Roy Ogi, Disappears…”

  1. Adam Heibloem says:

    I only had the pleaure to dive with roy twice and both times I found Roy to be a little legend. Very friendly, very chatty, a team player in the water and all round good company.
    RIP Roy.
    Bali spearfishing will miss you heaps

  2. I dont know roy and his friends but like a beginner diver like me is very important to hear and read blogs like this.
    I hope ROY is ok,hug to him,to his family and friends.


    North of Peru

  3. Robby Ogi says:

    Roy….where are you….

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