If you’ve gotten over that hint of jealousy seeing Big Mackerel, Doggies, and knowing that Roy has grown up surrounded by great family in friends. Remember this, it was all in Bali.

When you have the World Record Dogtooth Tuna spot in your back yard, where do you go for vacation?

Roy had the chance to head to Japan a few years back and after climbing out of the 16C degree water with only a pole spear and his board shorts. The incredulous Japanese asked him, “Where are you from?!!?”


I guess when you grow up surfing and diving in warm waters its hard to believe that not everywhere in the world is the same.  Instead of wussing out like most of us would do he gained man points and just went for it.

In Bali there are few that can compare with his diving and fish ability.  Each year the best divers from around the world quietly track him down for the chance to share his waters and a bit of his knowledge to put them on the fish of a lifetime.  Roy being the caretaker of the fish stock, waits patiently and watching out for his fellow divers.

Now that Roy is gone we are lucky to have these pictures to enjoy a bit of his life to further appreciate our own.

Here are some more pics of Roy and his Family

1 – Roy’s Mum. Roy accually got offered trips paid for around to world to join friends in partner spearfishing comps. but Roy just wanted to stay in Bali and look after his Mum.
Roy’s Mum also enjoyed fishing with the boys.

2 – one of Roy’s best friends Donno. Donno teaches surfing in Kuta.

3 – Roy lost a 60kg + doggie. so the last dive of the day he went down and shot sashimi dinner. he messaged me in australia all about this. he was spewin hehe. he was Guiding
Greg Pickering around as you see Greg in this Photo.

4 – this is Stewart and Roy’s Wife, Ryuko. Roy’s wife is a spearfisherwoman. came on trips with us sometimes too. Roy loved her very much. Thank Ryuko for most of these photos. i copied them off her computer.

5 – old school photo of Roy and the boys

6 – Roy’s big mackie. Tengerri was his favourite fish, he told me once he had 40kg+ doggies around him. and he waited a bit longer and shot a 5kg spanish mackerel.

7 – Roy, Roy’s wife Ryuko and friends in Japan resturant.

8 – Roy beering it up with Yota’s Son V.W and friend.

9 – Couple Photo in Japan

10 – Mahi Mahi.

11 – Ryuko and the Days catch

12 – old school photo of Roy

13 - Roy was a 5 star Sushi and sashimi chef in Japan. he did that as a Job. every time we would get a Doggie he would hold a sashimi party for friends.

The Video i dont think is on youtube. just Roy and friends caveman style eating their catch. this is what i loved about diving with Roy also. always came in for a caveman lunch.  

i was diving with Roy, Roy’s Mum was on the local boat we hired watching. Roy shot a 30kg doggie. his float started to jetski along the surface. Roy’s Mum was super excited yelling and pointing “Roy get on the Boat”
“chase that float gogogo” hehe funniest thing for me. good times.

thanks Ryuko, Roy’s wife for these photos.

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  1. Phil,
    Thanks for getting together with Riyuko to put together all the great pics!
    I’m sitting here with Toyota, Roy’s brother, encouraging him to talk about some of his fishing stories.
    Toyota and Roy were inseparable in the water as a spear fishing team from start to finish. They were together the very first day they tried their home made gun- as they were together the fateful day that we lost Roy. Toyota might not have the legendary status of his brother, but let it be said that he is every bit the spear fishermen- they are one in the same as Indonesia’s top spear fishing team. Most of Roy’s greatest catches here were with his brother at his side supporting, encouraging and watching over him. Imagine the confidence inspired by having your brother as your diving partner for the better part of two decades! Every time I have gone diving with these two it’s been a privilege just to watch them doing there thing- a synchronized spearing machine so to speak.
    Here’s Toyota’s story:
    One day Roy and Toyota were out diving at their local fishing hole: “The Tinggiri Spot”. It’s not more then a mile or so from their house- just a quick ride down to the beach on a motor bike together, a short walk and jump in right from the beach. As soon as they hit the water they’re seeing ton’s of fish around- so they start to pick off some small 2 to 3 pound trevally. The action is hot, so their numbers start to add up quickly! But then the tax men show up- you know- the guys in the grey suits! Keep in mind that this is back in the early 90’s when they still only have one gun to share between them. Toyota is on the float guarding their stringer with only his knife in hand- Roy shoots the biggest trevally yet of the day, pulls it in before one of the tax guys grab it- has up in his hand at the surface holding it out of the water, suddenly a 2 meter bull shark comes charging out of no where from behind him and eats the fish right out of his airborne hand. All that was left in Roy’s fist was the fish’s tail! Roy naturally freaked out because he knew how close he came to loosing his hand- swims over to Toyota and tells him to palm his chest to feel how hard his heart is beating. They decide to go in after that, but not before getting a good look at the shark and where they think it likes to hang out. As soon as they hit the beach they started to scheme up their revenge on the tax man! Mind you, they’ve never shot a shark before, but this one is going to be their first! Off to the local hardware store to buy some steel rebar for a couple of throw away shafts. Go home and fit them to their gun for tomorrow’s pay back session! This time around they decide to pay one of the senior local fishermen to take them out in his outrigger so they have an escape pod just in case the need arises. It’s already been decided In advance that Roy’s on point since he’s keen to see the end of the tax man’s reign on his local fishing hole.
    To be continued-


  2. Part II Roy & Toyota’s pay back story- Continuation from yesterdays comments- Roy Part VI
    By now the old timer fisherman can’t help but wonder; what these two young crazed spear fishermen have cooked up? After hearing rumors about yesterday’s story; when the shark stole the fish out of Roy’s airborne hand! And now they want to go have a face off with it?! Just a quick 5 minute ride in the boat before they pull up to the scene of yesterday’s crime. Roy’s amped and wasting no time in getting out of the boat to find his target; down he goes to have a look around in a couple of caves where they last spotted the shark the day before. Great luck! In the first cave he spots the shark sleeping in the sand just inside the opening! But it’s not alone; Roy can just barely make out 4 or 5 more sets of eyes lurking around in the cave’s darker recesses. Up he goes to let Toyota know that he’s spotted the shark and to prepare to control his tag line from the boat. They’ve decided to go with a detachable spearing configuration with the tag line knotted straight to the front of the out rigger- Toyota staying in the boat to work line by hand. “OK bro, get ready I’m going for a head shot”; down he goes, makes the shot and all hell breaks loose as the shark goes off in storming rage thrashing all over the place trying to get loose of the spear. Roy takes cover on the bottom behind a rock ledge as all the other sharks come piling out literally swimming over each other’s backs to see what’s happened to their buddy? Total mayhem ensues! Mean while Toyota’s back in the boat hanging on for dear life trying not to let go in case the shark should decided to go psycho on his brother who’s still down watching the party unfold. Finally Roy decides the coast is clear and up he goes to see how Toyota’s doing with the tug of war? Only problem is, now the boat has been dragged a considerable distance from Roy and he’s in hot pursuit to catch up. Just about the time that he swims down boat the shark tears off the spear! Never the less, it’s buggered and not going any where fast, so they some how manage to chase it down and get another spear in it- game over! Boat the beast and head back to the beach. As soon as they hit the beach the words out as a huge crowd gathers to get a look at their monster and the two local hell men that took it. The story spread like wild fire around the island about the two crazy brothers shooting the big shark that stole the fish from their hands the day before.
    Stew for Yota

  3. Cousin Blake says:

    I am 3000 miles away from Roy but I’ve really enjoyed learning about him. I’m glad that Cam did this to honor his life and accomplishments. Ultimately, though a good diver, it sounds like Roy was defined by much more than that. My thoughts are with his family and I will keep him on my mind next time I’m in the water.

  4. Legendary. This is a story I will never forget. Only wish to present myself as he did. A pure waterman. Thank you much for sharing.

  5. Roy my best mate and great suhu, first time met him on the ocean with my friend Tony, my first time spear fishing lesson, watching a guy can go very deep and came up with a fish so amazing..he is Roy yet to be my very best friend and spearfishing teacher ever since.
    Have been dove with Roy so many times, share so many story, too many joy we have been through.
    Farewell my friend, I know you’re happy with Jesus now

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