More videos from New Caledonia and our friends Guillarme Bruneau. These guys are lucky they get to dive in such great conditions and I’m hoping to get over there one day to join them and do some bluewater diving and see how its done!

6 Responses to “Video New Caledonia Spearfishing: Tuna!”

  1. yes cam thank you for this article !!

  2. awesome vid seems like over kill on some of the fish

  3. José Diaz says:

    beautiful video
    could you share a description of the equipment you use (spearguns?, axis?, bands?, power band stretch?)

    using both hands to shoot, why?

    thanks, good fishing and greetings
    Jose Diaz

  4. thank you for your comment !!

  5. Hi Jose DIAZ !!

    Thank you for your comment Jose !

    we use the RIFFE “Mid HANDLE series “BLUE WATER” Speargun
    with 4 white power bands RIFFE ( Power band stretch : 56″ / 142 CM)

    We use two hands to shoot in order to stop the recoil and having a better target because these spearguns are very powerful

    have good fishing and greetings too,


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