Get on this ASAP or we are going to lose yet another species. Where ever you are from in the world you have experienced these type of closures so your input and responses to help stop this injustice is important. Thank you for your help

Tomorrow is a big day for fishermen who like to eat what they catch.

At stake
The FWC commission is trying to pass legislative to create a mechanism that grants them the ability to close a fishery to harvest not just for biological reasons but for “marketing purposes”, “tourism strategy” and in effect any personal or political reasons without any scientific justification or checks on their actions.

That’s right, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, Bonefish Tarpon Trust and other special interest groups are trying to push an agenda to classify fish such as Permit and Cobia as Gamefish or Sportfish. Doing so would eliminate harvest for food and turning the fishery in to catch and release only and thus illegal to harvest by spear.

Cobia and Permit are great table fair food fish and neither are in jeopardy of over fishing or are being over fished. If this is allowed to pass, other species of fish could be added to the Gamefish/Sportfish status. Like Grouper, Hogfish, Snapper…….Are you allowed to harvest snook, redfish or trout by spear? NO and they are good tasting food quality fish.

This could how NOAA fulfills their Goal of Making Fishing a Catch and Release sport ONLY by 2020

FWC February Commission Meeting
Diver input needed urgently!
Date: Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Location: “Port of Call” at Sea World Park
7007 Sea World Drive.
Orlando, FL 32821
Time: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Agenda: Saltwater Game & Sport Fish designations
Summary: 68B-2.010 The proposed final rule would create a new subsection that states the intent of the designations, which is to conserve premier recreational fish species in Florida and enhance the marketing capacity for Florida’s recreational fishing opportunities. The proposed final rule would create a saltwater game fish designation, the components of which would be no commercial harvest or possession, sale or purchase. The proposed final rule would also create an elite designation for saltwater sport fish, the components of which would be no harvest or possession recreationally or commercially and no purchase or sale.

How to take action and share your opinion

Send the commissioners an email at Please CC
Suggested Subject: Sportfish/gamefish opposition; red snapper protection

Below is a Suggested copy (feel free to personalize the following):

Dear Commissioners-
My message covers two issues, sportifsh/gamefish and red snapper.

I oppose any action on the sportfish/gamefish framework rules.
There is no biological need and no economic benefit, yet there IS an absolute reduction of fishing opportunity inherent in either designation.
This rule benefits few while taking from many.

I will be forwarding this to Governor Scott’s office. I will also be contacting my state legislators, as I am appalled at the waste of state resources on such a non-issue.
Several people will be at the meeting to express detailed reasons for opposition of this action. Please pay attention to those people.

Under State of Florida law, I have the right to hunt and fish if populations are healthy. This framework appears to violate my right.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I appreciate the opportunity to submit a comment.


Regarding Red snapper, you must take action to stop the destruction of red snapper habitat and the needless slaughter of thousands of red snapper every week. Please weigh in with the federal government regarding the health of the red snapper stock and its dependence on habitat. This needless destruction is unacceptable and must be stopped.

Thank you.

Your name
Phone number

To learn more please visit

2 Responses to “Cobia and Permit Illegal to Spearfish”

  1. Considering that they are discussing potentially closing species off because of tourism interest, people living outside the U.S. could write in as well. From my perspective, and many SpearBlog readers I’m sure, good spearfishing opportunities are a major factor in deciding where to go on vacation. If Florida shuts down spearfishing for all the species I’m interested in, it drops down on my list of places to go.

    And you’re right Cam… these decisions absolutely must be based on the best and most reliable data available. Fisheries research is sadly being underfunded across North America. Here in Canada, the feds just made massive cuts to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, who have a research facility in my hometown. I’m studying fisheries and aquaculture at VIU right now and the recurring theme of fisheries management is that the politicians will only act if people make noise, or after a stock is extirpated. The Bonefish Tarpon Trust for example… they made noise and now the gov is willing to make a stupid decision just to make them happy. Or the Newfoundland Cod, which was only regulated after commercial fishing essentially wiped them out. The fishermen made a ton of noise to be able to keep fishing and the politicians ignored all the massive red flags put up by researchers. Fight for your right to Science!

    I wish you good luck, Florida spearos.

  2. cantquite belive this shit is legal, special interest groups dictating policy????when did the world lose its marbles??

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