Having just got back from Mexico, then the Blue Wild, and only had a few days at home, today is the first chance I’ve had to check out my gear to prepare for our big Indonesia trip in April.
What to gun, floatline, bungey, fin blades, masks, wetsuits, flashers, clothes, cameras, safety gear, medical gear, how much $$$, and the list goes on and on.
While everyone may not think they are ready to pack up and cross two oceans to reach a secret, untouched chain of reefs and pinnacles that hold fish of epic proportions, we have all felt that rush of gearing up before each dive trip and knowing the calm when you are done, packed, and ready to do battle.
Over the next few days and weeks I’ll show you what goes into planning a successful dive trip. To a place like Indonesia where the guys coming need to be prepared for tackle and gear busting fish day in and day out, there are a lot of little things that cannot be overlooked and that secret recipe for gear is something we hold close to our chest and are the keys to our success.
To be consistently successful, you need to adapt to the diving and fish that are there on that day and adjust your game accordingly.
Be prepared
I’ll have 25 total days of diving and the currents will rage up to 6 knots, depths will be from 75-125ft and there is no doubt that good fin blades will be needed to get your down and back safely. At Blue Wild this weekend two companies were kind enough to lend me their Carbon Fiber blades to test out and keep as a backup to my Riffes.
For my style of kicking, body shape, weight, and diving, I use a medium stiffness blade and it allows me to balance my day to dive consistently, efficiently to depth and maintain position on the surface in between dives maximizing my day and allowing me to dive multiple days in a row without ruining my feet, muscles, and wearing my whole body out.
I’m bringing 3 sets of fin blades. Two Carbon Fiber, and one Fiberglass, and three total foot pockets in case I drop or lose one fin.

To join this trip: email Cameron at Blueh2oboy@gmail.com dates are April 1-12 and April 15-27 for Dogtooth Tuna and giant Reef and Pelagics on a 5 star boat.

Nautilus and Deep Carbon Fiber fin blades and some essential cozies from Resilient to keep your celebratory drinks cold.

5 Responses to “Indo Gear up {Part I: Fins)”

  1. brian davies says:

    cant wait to see the trip pictures!

  2. Errol Putigna says:

    Nice fins. Good luck! Errol

  3. chris lyter says:

    i have the nautilus carbon kevlar… awesome!

  4. Nice man, best of luck in Indo and be safe! Nice meeting up with you this weekend. Hopefully we will meet up before the next Blue Wild!

  5. Have an awesome trip!!! Love those RESILIENT APPAREL beer koozies!!!! guaranteed to keep all your Bintang nice and cold!!!

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