This movie has been removed by request of the videographers. You can still find it on youtube somewhere…
I’ll insert one of my own

This is why I love Doggies. There is nothing like seeing one in the water shoulder in from thin air and then punish your gear and then get massed attacked by sharks.
To get near these fish is an accomplishment in itself, whether it is a 30lb or 200lb one, they are the most challenging fish to land I’ve ever encountered and the reason I’m spending 35 days in Indonesia this year hunting that one fish that is going to set the bar for Spearfishing for the year. To borrow a title, One Fish is all that matters to me, I want to see all the guys/girls on this trip land them, but there is only one fish that I am traveling there to see and put on the boat. He looks like this:

Dinosaurs still roam the earth

What fish drives you? If you haven’t started hunting dogtooth Tuna, Don’t start. Your life will never be the same. If you do want to, join us on our mission

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  1. türkiyede 25 yıl daldım zıpkınla levrek avlama uzmanıyım

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