Its about time!
Follow the Link HERE to see the new Regulations for 2013 Snapper SEASON
While we who dive and fish know the true state of the red snapper population on the East Coast of the SE USA, the lawmakers have decided that the fish are in trouble and limited us to this one weekend for 2013 to make the most of it and land ONE FISH per person per day.
We will take anything we can get.
The Red Snappers are there, they are bigger than ever and I can’t wait to go and get mine.

Last year was the first time it had been open in many years and we were lucky to get good weather and run offshore and find some blue water and big Snappers.

In two days I landed two fish, 28 and 31lbs which broke the existing World Record for Red Snapper. If the weather allows and you are ready, lets go and do it again!

Cameron Kirkconnell

2 Responses to “Red Snapper Season 2013 Opens Atlantic Florida”

  1. Find an oil rig that will be dismantled and get all the fish you want!!! (But dont spear more than one cause you will finish the populations)

  2. Chris Lyter says:

    Our season on the gulf opens back up again. I’ve already told you I’m looking to take your record but hell it’d be awesome to get you over and shoot some fish with you! I’m looking to pound a few with the pole spear as well! Hope you get a few solid fish over there!

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