It’s been a whirlwind of a year with a lot of traveling, Freediving and Spearfishing in some incredible places.  In this sport, meeting new people and diving with them is always the highlight.

If you’ve been following on instagram @camkirkconnell then you’ve been privy to the daily pics and videos of our adventures and maybe even been in a few of them.

Heres a few samples:

Warsaw Grouper, inside State Waters. As much as a fluke as I thought this to be, turns out there have been 3 others shot at this same spot in the past 5 years. Cold Water and a lot of luck. 60 lbs Freediving in 55' of water


During the summer, I ran Freediving and Spearfishing trips throughout the Bahamas. Whether it was on private boats, Yachts, or on my own they were some of the most fun and rewarding adventures. To book yours email


For any trip that we do, having everyone on board and in the water diving safe and coming home is the #1 priority.  Getting the biggest fish of their lives, incredible photos and video, and the chance to learn about spearfishing and have the trip of trips is secondary.  Most of these trips are booked months in advance by private groups looking for an adventure and we have covered the world looking for specific species and also spent many months with families and their own boats in the Bahamas which has been a blast.  With the coming year rapidly approaching, make your plans now to make sure you have a spot if you are keen to take it to the next level.

As much as I love spearfishing, having spent the year teaching Freediving has been awesome.  Knowing that each person leaving the class has improved their diving and will dive safer throughout their lives with those core skills is almost as rewarding as seeing those same divers then go on a trip and shoot a World Record or land a Personal Best.


The list above is the public classes I have coming up. If you are interested in joining one of them, click on the link and sign up.

PRIVATE CLASSES are also available for groups of 2-8 people throughout the world. We usually combine this with Spearfishing Instruction and a few days of Spearing.  There are still some dates open for 2014, email me to set one up


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  1. Amazing pictures! Would love to take one of those course!

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