I spent a few months in the Bahamas this past year and the diving was as spectacular as ever.  There are so many options for diving and such a wide area to hit is impossible to cover in even a 10 day trip which was the longest we did.

As many areas as we covered, I still believe the ones we dive the most hold some of the best Spearfishing opportunities in the world and for South Florida Divers, there is nothing like a summer Bahamas trip.

I’ll be heading back starting in May and can’t wait to target Bluewater monsters and delicious reef fish.  I love the Bahamas.

Having somewhere close that you can run your own boat to or join in with friends or charter a boat is so nice. In Australia they have the Coral Sea and the Bahamas is the closest equivalent to that fishery and area for sheer mass of great opportunities.

My favorite part of the Bahamas are the endless options. You can shoot Hogfish in 10′ of water, or move a .25 mile and hunt Wahoo or chum for Yellowtails and shoot Monster Black Grouper.   If it doesn’t work out you move a few hundred yards and catch a few lobsters, go to one of the thousands of little private beaches or bar hop through the islands for the afternoon.

It can all be done in a single day or afternoon.

Trips are made even better because you aren’t locked into a full day offshore, boats are usually full with the whole family, friends, wives, girlfriends and everyone gets a chance to be in the water or do what they want and you can still load the boat with incredible fish.

Here’s a few shots from last years trips. Its chilly here so I need a reminder.

Arguably one of the coolest things about the Bahamas is the friendliest Porpoise and Dolphins I've seen outside of Hawaii. Nearly every trip we get moments like this that just boggle the mind


Within two hours of checking in with Customs, this guy joined us on the boat. Talk about a great way to kick off the trip. Worth the trip from Moscow?


I previously thought that the East Coast of the USA was the most predictable place to catch a 5-12lb lobster. Bahamas trumped that this year by offering crystal clear water and monster lobster everywhere we went. 8lbs were a daily occurrence and the massive 12-14lb ones were something else all together


What they are known for, producing big Hogfish in shallow water. Hard to beat


This makes me want to go back


Trips start back up in May and there are still openings for the July and August ones.   Email for Details if you are interested in going to the Bahamas this summer and turning this into your own photo album for next year.

Cameron Kirkconnell



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