The stoke is contagious. Take a Freedive Class with me and lets take your diving to the next level


If you are a spearfisherman and a Freediver, you owe it to yourself to take a Freediving Class.

More so than any piece of gear you will ever purchase, knowing your body, gaining a deep understanding of Freediving and most of all knowing the safety techniques to full embrace your potential on a single breath of air is the best investment you will ever make.

For any of my Spearing Trips, a Level One Class is a minimum requirement and I prefer for you to have Level II.

I’m certified by Freedive Instructors International and whether you have been diving your whole life and can already do 100′ or its your first experience with Freediving, this course will open your eyes and teach you to dive better and increase your skills.

I structure my classes to specific Freediving for Spearfishing and to save time on training when you do come on trips in the future.

You’ll notice on the Freedive Instructors International Website that I have very few class listed but can always see upcoming ones by clicking here:   CAMERON FREEDIVING CLASSES

I prefer to do private classes, anywhere in the world and if you set one up, yours is free when you get 6 people to join you.    We pick a location, date, and we can do the two day Level One Class and take you to the next level of Freediving.

Depending on location, Classes are $499/pp (Boat Fees and travel costs may apply) based on 8 divers per class

Typical results are 3 min breath holds and 66′ by the end of the two day class  and if you are already diving those depths, well your technique and skills learned here will increase your bottom time and current depths significantly.

I personally took this class only two years ago and having been able to dive 100′ since we were kids was amazed at how poor my technique was and how much better I was diving after this class.

If you can’t get a group together not a problem, we can make a class happen. Email me to book your class today or I can set you up with one anywhere in the World.

First class is in Garza, Costa Rica March 15/16 followed by two days of Spearfishing.

For the Most updated Class Schedule Click Here

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