Its no secret that all the fisheries around the world are cyclical. There will be 2-3 years of phenomenal diving and fishing followed by a lull of 1-8 years.
The key to success is knowing when and where to go and timing those cycles to be consistently successful is what our team has spent the last 15 years doing world wide .
We’ve had to look further to keep our passion for 200+lb Yellowfin Tunas alive,  and personally, I’ve been waiting for one spot in particular to turn on… That time is now. Last year was a banner year for a select group of lucky divers, this year is yours.
Here’s some video from Ascension Spearfishing
June 24-July 4 Ascension Island
10 days of diving Bluewater for 200+lb Yellowfin and 1000+lb Marlin. Dog Snappers to 35lbs, Wahoo, 100lb Sailfish, Bigeye Tunas, etc but YELLOWFIN and Record Marlin are the goal.
Schedule for Ascension Island Spearfishing Trip.
Last year during the June/July Tuna Season in Ascension was one of the best runs of 150-300lb Yellowfin Tuna in the World. So good in fact they were catching them with spinning rods from the beach crashing giant schools of bait!
  For 2014 I will be spending 25 days in Ascension,  come with me to enjoy some of the most radical diving in the world.
Giant Yellowfin Tuna, 1000+lb Blue Marlin,  the last two Dog Snapper World Records have come from here(over 30lbs!!!), Sailfish over 100lbs, Wahoo, Bigeye Tuna, and Amberjacks of epic proportions will be on hand for your ten days of diving.
Dates are
June 16-24
Boat One SOLD OUT 

June 24-July 4


Boat Two   OPEN  $8770 pp two divers per boat, $5850 for three divers per boat

Boat Three  MARLIN OPTION available $23400 total  (max 5 divers) If you are determined to land a 1000lb Marlin, this boat will be the one for you, with the capacity for longer runs and skilled captain to add a big Marlin to the mix when you’ve had your fill of 200lb Yellowfin. If you are looking for a bigger boat riding in comfort in HARMATTAN a 36′ Sportfisherman

Pricing is as follows. It is suggested to have 2 divers per boat
$17500/boat  or
$8770pp with two divers per boat
$5850pp for three divers per boat
The remaining spots are on a first come first serve basis and must be paid in full to reserve.
Cancellations will be dealt with on a per person basis and are not accepted 60 days or less to departure date.
What is included:
10 days diving/fishing, Photos and Video, Guiding by Cameron Kirkconnell, World Record Certification Equipment, and the best trip of your life.
Additional costs for Transportation and Accommodation are as follows and will be arranged upon confirmation of trip.

Must arrange travel to Arrive London airports on 22nd June to depart from Brize Norton at 10pm for Ascension Island.  Only 10 spots per flight are available for tourists each flight so time is of the essence.

Sunday 22nd at 2200hours Departure from Brize Norton to Ascension Island Flight time 9 hours
Arrive Ascension Island 23 June.  Transport from airport to Obsidian Hotel and settle in, situate gear, group dinner to meet captains,  make plans for coming diving days.
Flights from London to Ascension roundtrip 969 British Pounds
Depart Friday 4th July 2200 hours for Brize Norton
Taxi to London Airports
$100USD Taxi to Brize Norton from London Airports
$1600USD Flights Brize Norton to Ascension
$25 USD Arrival tax Ascension
$50 departure tax Ascension
($825 total)  $75 – $100pp/ night (11 nights total) Hotel Ascension Island shared includes breakfast
($220 total) $40/day (11 days) for Rental Car split between two divers (optional)
($275 total) $25/day (11 days) for dinner
Total: $3195 approximate additional cost
There aren’t many places that are “off the map” anymore yet trips like this are the ones we live for. Finding that one spot that no one has ever heard of, with no commercial fishing pressure, beaches without footprints, locals that feel like family in only a few days, pelagics a stones throw from land, and the Fish of a Lifetime possible on every dive is why we go.
This is Ascension Island.
Join me, June 24- July 4 for the stuff of legend before the cycle ends. The time is right, the fish are there,  get your gear packed and land that fish you’ve been dreaming about.
Cameron Kirkconnell
all photos courtesy of Colin Chester

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