This is why we do it.


If you are like most Spearfisherman, Yellowfin Tuna are at the top of Bucket List of fish that you need to hunt before your last dive.

No matter how good your boat Captain, guide, or gun, it is up to you to pull the trigger. All I can promise is that you will have the best opportunity to be in the right spot to make it happen so come prepared.

This past trip was on fire.

Lucas from Brazil’s biggest fish prior to the trip was a 24lb Grouper. Like most Groupers in Brazil, it was caught after days of hole hunting with a light looking in hole after rocky hole just hoping to find something peering back at him that needed a shaft to the dome.  Most days, barely a fish is seen and the ones that are know more about spearfishing than you do.

Lucas called me after seeing the Freedive Class in Costa Rica and wanted to set up 10 days of diving, anywhere in the world that he could shoot something good.

“Cam, where should we go?”

3 months later its our first day on the boat and we’ve added Perrin James of to document the mission.

Both had already taken their Freediving Level One Classes so our first thirty minutes in the water going over safety procedures and planning the team diving for the week went smoothly and it is always easier to dive with that confidence knowing your buddies have your back.

From his first pull of the trigger I knew we were in for a hell of a week and three World Records, 6 Tunas, and some excellent Reef Fish and pelagics later we were not disappointed.  Each day was filled with great diving, waters teeming with fish, excellent food, comfortable boats, and a fantastic Lodge to spend each night.  A massage or two thrown in for Arrival and Departure doesn’t hurt either and makes the traveling that much easier .

You want to do this trip?

Panama Spearfishing for Yellowfin Tuna, Cubera, and have a group of 2-4 divers interested, email me at to set yours up for April 12-20 or June 23- July 23 to make your dreams a reality.  There are a limited number of packages are all inclusive, food,  drinks, hotel with AC/Pool/good Wifi, 29-35′ boats and comfortable bean bags for the trips offshore and hundreds of good spots for diving and fishing.  Prices start at $1800pp for Three days of diving and four nights stay.

Check out Panama Sportfishing Lodge  and get your gear ready for the trip of your life.

Here’s some photos to tell the story better.

Deep Breath to prepare for whats ahead


Green Water and Big Boulders mean one thing for me in Central America....


Big Cuberas! This guy still wearing the jewelry of some battles prior. There is no shortage of carnage around any Cubera hole and if you aren't prepared for a battle with a good breath and buddy on the surface or take a poor shot... chances are you are going to contribute.

As stoked as Lucas was to have photos and video taken of the trip, I think Perrin doubled it when he gave him the chance to smash a nice Cubera at the end of the day. Turns out the guy is pretty good with a gun too.


Big tail means Big Battles. This Cubera came out of a School of 30+ that were in a pile of Boulders in 85-100'. When we first found the spot they were 15' below the surface and I knew we had hit the gold mine.


A Great fleet of boats 29-36' to get there fast and comfortably. Bean Bags are a long runs best friend.


Which means more time in the water pulling on some beast from the deep


Nothing like the feeling of landing your first Yellowfin Tuna. Stoked


Its a bit of a tradition and a way of honoring the fish to eat the heart. After Lucas had his 5th one in his mouth though I couldn't bring myself to tell him that we usually only eat the first one, and take a bite of it at that! Animal Style. Worth every second to see his love and respect for the fish


That first moment of silence on the boat that you think would be full of shouts and cheers, is something you can only experience yourself, it is hard to describe, but amazing to enjoy.

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